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Officers of the Society

The Committee

The Committee as Appointed at the AGM, Lent 2009

The above photograph shows the committee from February 2009 to Febraury 2010, except for the fact that the Treasurer pictured actually resigned from the post at the AGM.  Any month now the Charlotte will be sent and will upload a photo of whoever happens to be the current committee at the time.  Anyways you can click on the photo to be taken to its corresponding entry in the Photo Gallery, whereupon you will see a list of who is in said photo.

President - Miss Annie Burman
Secretary - Miss Roseanna Pendlebury
Treasurer - Mr. Christopher Fish
Under-Secretary - Position vacant
Foreign Secretary - Cpt. James Brister
Home Secretary - Alex 'Ermintrude' Brett
Christopher Robin - Mr William 'Twillo' Brooks

Officers Not On The Committee

- Mr. Edmund Croft

The Characters

Pooh - Mr. Christopher Fish
Miss Annnie Burman - Piglet
Rabbit -

Miss Roseanna Pendlebury
Position vacant - Tigger
Kanga - Miss Alicia Danks
Cpt. James Brister - Roo
Eeyore - Mr. Edmund Croft
Position vacant - Wol
Under-Heffalump - Cpt. Rosemary Hunt
The River - Mr. Jack Vickeridge
Late - Mr. Alexander Atkins
Early - Cpt. James Brister
James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree - Cpt. James Brister
A Sign - Position vacant
The Bing* - Position vacant

* As in, “When you hear this noise, — Bing — turn the page.”  The job of The Bing is to tell us when to rotate the narrator, when we may be reading from different editions. It has become traditional for the person who chose the reading to bing.

The James - Miss Annie Burman
Captain of Poohsticks - Cpt. Edward 'Ignatius' Morland
The Coastguard(s) - Mr. Edmund Croft
Mr. Christopher Fish
Charlotte {illegible} - Mr. Alexander Atkins

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