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The Poohsticks Cam Bridge Crawl

The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Poohsticks Bridge Crawl is like a pub crawl, but different. Featuring 14 bridges, 5 pubs and a tea shop, the aim is to play a round of poohsticks on each of the footbridges over the river Cam.

After the innaugral bridge crawl of June 2002 the Society has held one each year during May Week, with the winner being nominated as the following year's Captain of Poohsticks:

  • 2002: Cpt. Roz Currie
  • 2003: Cpt. Katherine Birkwood
  • 2004: Cpt. Rachel Causier
  • 2005: Cpt. Rosy Hunt
  • 2006: Cpt. Owen Barritt
  • 2007: Cpt. Lisa Smith
  • 2008: Cpt. James Brister
  • 2009: Cpt. Edward Ignatius Morland
  • 2010: Cpt. William 'Twillo' Brooks
  • 2011: Cpt. Edmund Croft

The Route Of The Bridge Crawl

Sheeps Green BridgePoohsticks (Crusoe) BridgeThe Mill (Pub)The Mathematical BridgeKing's BridgeThe Copper Kettle (Teashop)Clare BridgeGarrett Hostel BridgeTrinity BridgeSt. John's Kitchen Bridge & The Bridge Of SighsThe Pickerel (Pub)Magdalene BridgeThe Rat & Parrot (Pub)Jesus LockFort St. George (Pub) & Fort St. George BridgePembroke BridgeRiverside TescoGreen Dragon (Pub) & Green Dragon Bridge

The Bridges (Pubs And Tea Shop)

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