Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 30/11/99 in the Inner Parlor : where we hold some elections

Present : Martin, Owen, Robin, Anneliese, Jeremy, Granny, Chris, Rob, Mad Jenny, Richard, Neil, Peter, Aidan, Ben, Kirsten, Benedict, Yasmin, Claire

Apologies : Michael, Jenny

  1. EGM opened at 4:20

  2. Vote to censure Ben for being late: Passed

  3. Robin Payne pays to join.

  4. Ben arrives and apologizes for being late.

  5. Jon has the minutes of last weeks meeting.

  6. The coasters are here.

  7. Yasmin and Claire arrive.

  8. Jenny is not here because she is visiting her Mum.

  9. Yasmin arrives and kisses Granny.

  10. Jeremy wants cheap tarts.

  11. Why is Jon not here.

  12. Reading: In which Pooh goes visiting and gets stuck in a tight place.

  13. It's a law that Yasmin must narrate.

  14. Yasmin asks Aidan if he's free on Wednesday evenings.

  15. Vote to censure Rob F:12, A:4, Ab:2

  16. Vacant posts Eeyore, Kanga, Secretary, James, Treasurer.

  17. Proposal of trials for captain of pooh sticks. These will be held in the next meeting when the weather is fine.

  18. The elections are held:
    Nominations (* indicates elected):-

    Treasurer: Rob*

    Secretary: Martin*

    Foreign Secretary: Kirsten*

    James: Owen*

    Eeyore: Kirsten*

    Kanga: Claire*

  19. Jon arrives and hands over the archives to Martin.

  20. Owen's hustings for the post of James "I want to wear the green cycle helmet"

  21. Vote to censure the door for attacking people : Carried

  22. Vote to create the post of narrator: Carried.

  23. Elections for post of Narrator
    Nominations (* means elected):


  24. The minutes of the previous meeting are read by various people.

  25. Brian scares Claire.

  26. Mad Jenny chained someone to the Senate house Railings.

  27. Jon pays.

  28. Constitutional changes (minute writers note: I only managed to record some of the changes when the vote was unanimous I didn't get a chance to record exactly what was being changed. I will update these minutes once I have a revised copy of the constitution to work from.)

  29. Ben is made under James.

  30. Non-members have to be guests clause to be added: F:11, A:2, Ab2, 2 Spoilt ballots not carried since not 2/3 majority.

  31. Vote to amend the constitution with the changes we have made: Carried.

  32. Vote for Richard to become a member: F:12, A:2, Ab:3. Passed Richard pays.

  33. Vote to make Neil an honorary member: F:9, A:6, Ab:2. Passed.

  34. Next weeks meeting to be in room 4, 32 Panton Street.

  35. Claire apologizes for next week.

  36. Claire's parents are more important to her than the Queen.

  37. Vote to make Claire's Mum (Marion Langford) to become an honorary member: F:6, A:4, Ab:5

  38. We have the loyal toast.

  39. Vote to close: carried.

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