Minutes of the Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society Easter Elevenses Meeting, held on the 20th April 2003 in V7, North Court, Jesus

Present: Rosy, Owen, Katie, Rachel, Alison, Martin, Dunstan, Ben

Apologies: Jenny, Rosie, Roz, Jon

  1. Meeting opened.

  2. Alison just loves Roz trying to kill Owen with a knife.

  3. I’m husting for Green and Black’s mint chocolate, because Rosy got to the Maya Gold first. Don’t go into marketing, Rachel.

  4. We all think Rachel said this week (except Rachel and Martin).

  5. We’re not going to let the wind join, not even if it blows a pound into Neil’s hand, because it’s not a member of the University and we don’t want to support it because it’d be a nuisance at meetings.

  6. Votes to commend Rosy for her splendid accuracy. Passed

  7. Votes to censure Rosy for scalding a member of the society. Passed

  8. Rosy has a glass Neil can put water in, but he may not drink it. Passed

  9. Votes to commend Owen for having photographs. Passed

  10. Votes to censure Owen for boasting about the above. Passed

  11. Neil’s actually a vampire.

  12. "Gosh Roz looks evil!". Neil

  13. Votes to throw the next Poohsticks photographer into the water so that we can see everyone’s face on the photos. Passed

  14. Alison is a bad woman. Failed

  15. Minutes of the Pasta meeting at the end of last term are read.

  16. Neil is officially Society Poohsticks Photographer. Passed

  17. Votes to censure the Coastguard for not bringing the testaments. Passed

  18. Would we eat green and black chocolate? It would depend how hungry we were.

  19. Are you sitting comfortably? Passed

  20. Anyone who meets, anywhere on the planet, is now under the control of Owen. Failed

  21. Votes to censure Neil and Martin for interrupting the minutes. Passed

  22. It’s definitely not an R. Passed

  23. Votes to censure Ben for lying to the Society. Passed

  24. Ben arrives. The tone of the meeting falls about four octaves.

  25. Votes to write to the chancellor asking him to give Ecstatic an honorary degree. Failed

  26. Minutes of the meeting on 22.3.03 are read.

  27. We should arm the minute writer to prevent the minutes from being hijacked.

  28. Ben reminisces about jokes about Martin’s shirts. But neither of them can remember what they are. (Or at least if Martin can he’s not admitting it.)

  29. "Tea, Tea, Tea." Everyone to Rosy.

  30. Pooh Levy is £1 per body, not £1 per head. (Double-headed Dave only paid once, so it must be true.)

  31. The writers of begging spam: masters of the short story form.

  32. No homoskedasticity here. What people do in the privacy of their own rooms is up to them.

  33. Owen’s long word.

  34. Floccinaucinihilipilification

  35. The 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not, without permission, cover thy neighbour’s tissue in snot.

  36. Votes to write to Rowan Williams and tell him about the above. Dunstan will do it, but will need to ask his mother the appropriate form of address first.

  37. Dunstan’s parents do things while he’s not looking. This is probably just as well.

  38. Alison’s just blinding herself looking at Neil.

  39. Chocolate vote:
    1. Green and Black’s Mint: 2
    2. Green and Black’s Maya Gold: 1
    3. Green and Black’s Milk: 1
    4. Lindtt 70%: 0
    5. Lindtt 85%: 2

  40. Revote:
    1. Mint: 6
    2. 85% 3

  41. How can you possibly vote for the mint? Hung. CR decides for. Vetoed. Contested.

  42. Votes which chocolate is the best beer:
    1. Green and Black’s Mint: 0
    2. Green and Black’s Maya Gold: 0
    3. Green and Black’s Milk: 3
    4. Lindtt 70%: 0
    5. Lindtt 85%: 1
    6. Not pissed enough to tell yet: 3
    7. Abstentions: 1

  43. How much milk is there in Dairy Milk?

  44. Neil leaves.

  45. Neil is leaving too early. Passed

  46. Fancy going to Church on a Sunday!

  47. Alison will hang her head in shame for the rest of the meeting. Passed

  48. Two characters would make a very short story. "in" perhaps, or "at".

  49. Ben thinks Rosy and Dunstan have the same eyes, and are perhaps related (not that I know of).

  50. Despite this:

  51. Rosy and Dunstan should get married and have children. Passed (Well, if they had two heads or twelve fingers, we could then assume he was right)

  52. Reading: In which Pooh invents a new game and Eeyore joins in.

  53. Pembroke College Winnie-the-Third-Reich Society.(Warum? Wir haben nür Deutsch gesprächt.)

  54. Votes to commend Martin for knowing Christopher Robin’s part by heart. Passed

  55. Votes to censure Martin for corrupting the works of Milne. Passed

  56. Rachel’s Birthday Formal will be next Sunday.

  57. The Formal Ready Steady Cook will be next Saturday.

  58. Mediaeval Organs.

  59. That was terribly bad. Passed (Isaiah: one eye’s `igher than t’other.)

  60. Martin and Owen are the only people who are female. Hung, CR decides for.

  61. On the entire planet. The future of humanity is in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

  62. Easter’s inside Marks and Spencer’s. So the "It’s Easter, eating chocolate doesn’t count" excuse doesn’t work elsewhere.

  63. Reading: Bad Sir Brian Botany: Sir Brian- Ben, Narration- Rachel, Villagers- everyone else.

  64. Independent crumpet inspection. Ben will conduct an independent inspection of American crumpet(s).

  65. "Nobody’s perfect." (Somebody)- Ben claims to be Nobody. But we’re not convinced.

  66. Cambridge Weapons inspectors in white boiler suits. Not Wombles.

  67. "It is always, ultimately, the fault of the French." Ben

  68. A new game: George Bush says...

  69. "Dunstan you’re beautiful." Ben... "Thank you. You’re quite ravishing yourself today." Dunstan

  70. Lots

  71. More

  72. Politics

  73. Next week’s meeting in 3, Selwyn Gardens’ Garden.

  74. Votes to close. Passed

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