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The Biscuit League

The Ultimate In Biscuit Competitions.

League Table   Rules


Each Elevenses meeting within full term will include a heat. The heat will start with the representatives for each biscuit husting on behalf of it. We will then eat the biscuits and at the end of the meeting will vote on which of the two was better.

The heats need not be held in the order published and we will probably pull them forward/push them back depending on when people can/cannot be present. If you think you cannot make a meeting when a biscuit you are representing is competing then please let us know (with a resonable amount of notice) so that a different heat can be held at that meeting instead. Any biscuits which fail to attend their heat will be DISQUALIFIED.

Entries For Next Year's League

Nominations for next years league (IF it runs again next year) can be made by members of the society at any time. Lists of nominations (in priority order) should be emailed to Please note: if you nominate a biscuit you may be selected to represent it, in which case you will be required to provide it for the necessary heats.

Individually wrapped biscuits (Penguins, Clubs, etc)and freshly baked biscuits (Homemade or from a bakery, etc) do not qualify for the competition.

Biscuits submitted by more than one person shall be represented by the person who listed them higher (if they are listed in the same position then by the person who submitted their list first).

The first 21 biscuits, ordered (excluding the previous years finalists), firstly by the highest position they were listed as and then by when they were first submitted, will go through to the first round heats. The 3 finalists from the previous years competition shall also go through to the first round heats (and will be represented by the person running the league unless someone else nominates them).

The qualifying entries shall be arranged into heats (2 biscuits in each) at random, ensuring (where possible) that two biscuits represented by the same person will not be competing against each other in any round (early in the competition).

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